Pacific Martial Arts – Hokushin Shitoryu Karatedo in Mountainview, CA

Our mission at Pacific Martial Arts is to help our students build a solid spiritual foundation for any undertaking. Shito Ryu Karate can be a potent addition to your life, regardless of athletic ability or personal goals. We provide a safe, fun atmosphere for kids and adults to learn. While working in a cooperative environment, we attend to the individual needs of each student.

Why study at Pacific Martial Arts?

  • Gain confidence in knowing you can p
    rotect yourself and yourfamily with the techniques you learn at Pacific Martial Arts.
  • Increase your power, stamina, and flexibility.
  • Reduce your stress and tension for a longer, healthier life.
  • Improve your coordination and balance.
  • Develop the self-discipline to achieve your goals in every aspect of life

Pacific Martial Arts Offers You:

  • Full-time professional instructor certified by the USA Karate Federation (the former governing body under the U.S. Olympic Committee), the Japan Karate-Do Organization (under Shihan Minobu Miki),and the American Coaching Effectiveness Program.
  • Friendly, non-competitive family atmosphere.
  • A safe environment for learning.
  • A flexible class schedule

The martial arts can help you realize personal benefits toward a better life for yourself and your family!

Our professional staff will work together with you, guiding you toward a positive, action-oriented attitude of success.